Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

This week I finished the basing of the Orcs (sans tufts which I've ordered from Mighty Ape). I'm looking at my next rebasing project and tossing up between Varangur and Rhordia. Both will get done soon, it's just a matter of which one first.

I have been painting up the last additions to the Goblin army, six Herders (3x pipes, 3x stikkas) plus two NG Wizards Ken Dunford from Oz sent me. Expect they will be finished and based this week.

A Very Tight Ratkin Deployment Ahead of Their Battle With The Orcs

On Saturday I had a game with my Ratkin versus Josh's Orcs. I'm enjoying playing with the Rats again. It is nice to have some shooting in the army. Having played the Herd with no Ranged Attack for six months you realise how good combined arms is!

This weekend we have Runefang IX. Disappointed that we only good eight but it looks a very tight field. I'm taking the Rats so it will be interesting to see how they matchup against some of the new armies floating around.


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