Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

Massive hobby week for me.

I started - and finished - the multibasing for my Ratkin and I am very pleased with the result achieved. My plan is to get some army wide shots up in the next few weeks.

Doing this allowed me to get them on the table in time for a couple of games on Saturday versus Josh's Orcs. In the first, I was a little bit rusty and made a couple of sub-optimal choices (that's mistakes for the rest of you). Came down to the last roll on the 7th turn so you can't ask for a closer or more fun game than that. Josh made a 2D6 roll of 10 to win.

I didn't have long to wait for my revenge. We re-racked and the Rats got their groove back managing a fairly comprehensive win.

It was great to have them out on the table. I had missed their silky whiskers and cheeky snarls!

Driven by the success of the Ratkin re-basing I threw myself into finishing the Goblins I started late last year. I have about 10 figures to paint for the army but the bases are all done and once I finish pinning the figures I'll have another full KOW army to join the Ratkin and Herd.


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