Friday, February 5, 2016

Mantic Releases Abyssal Figures

The first of the Abyssal range are being released to retail by Mantic The Abyssals were part of their most recent KoW Kickstarter.

Each sprue has 5 Lower Abyssals and 2 Imps on it. They can also be used to create Flamebearers by utilising the extra arms provided. You also get standards and a suitable Leader

I'll be very interested to see the quality of the sculpts once somebody local makes the jump into the Abyss.



  1. On the Mantic official FB page someone has pics of their unit assembled and they appear to suffer from the flat details that is the norm for Mantic.

    It may just be that sprue and the photo so I'll hold judgement but I won't buy any unless I see them in person first.

    1. Is that because of the designer or is it a result of the materials/production they use?

    2. Won't be any materials issues on these Pete, as they are hard plastic sprues manufactured by wargames factory. Mantic don't cram as much detail in everywhere as GW does so they will always be a little 'flat' compared to them.

  2. I kickstarted Kings of War V2 and got the Abyssal's mega army deal. I've actually been very impressed with the quality of the casts. Detail is less intricate than that of GW's plastic kits but what detail is present is crisp, well delineated and requires almost no clean up. The sculpts have a mischievous quality to them but are fairly pleasing.

    Pleasantly impressed.