Monday, February 8, 2016

Kings of War Modelling

One of the most appealing things about Kings of War is the modelling opportunities. Because you have a set base size you can make diorama like bases for each unit (or unit building blocks). This is at odds with Warhammer where you had to be able to remove individual models. Yes you saw some "unit fillers" but these were primarily aimed at lowering the model count rather than provide character. I had some, more modelling based "figures" in my Skaven - mechanical ogres, Warmaster Bells and Doomwheels, miscellaneous rat junks etc - and large multibases in my Vampires but these seemed an exception.

Kings lets you go the whole hog. In our local community we haven't seen much of this yet. I suspect two reasons; one, people don't want to rebase and two, people still are holding onto the hope either 9th Age might provide an alternate gaming opportunity or better still GW will see the error of their ways and a new Warhammer edition will rise Phoenix-like from the ashes of Age of Sigmar.

To help people see the opportunities that there are for their armies - especially any new armies they are building for Kings - I'd like to showcase any great examples that exist out there. If you have a multibases unit or if you have seen one either on the table or the net then send me picture and I'll showcase it. You can email it to me using or tweet it to @fields_of_blood

Looking forward to seeing what the community has done.

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