Tuesday, February 9, 2016

KOW Showcase - #1 ~ Jayden Howell's Samurai

Over the weekend I asked readers that had taken the plunge into building KOW armies to send me photos so I could showcase one of the real attractions of KOW, the ability to "hobby out". KOW's building block unit structure - Troop/Regiment/Horde/Legion - allows you to build single base dioramas as there is no need to remove individual models.

The first army I'm showcasing is Jayden Howell's Samurai. Jayden plays at the Kapiti club, just north of Wellington, and has attended Vermintide, Kapiti CoK and Runefang. At each he has used his Samurai army, first as Kingdoms of Men and more latterly as Basileans.

The figures are Warlord Games and are later period Samurai (15th-16th Century).

Here are some pictures of his army:

What I like he has embraced the single aspect, in that each block is a standalone piece that tells its own story. This to me is one of the real appeals of Kings of War - especially where you have multi pose figures.

Well done Jayden and thanks for sharing.



  1. Thanks for sharing mate,

    Currently working on a Frog Army I hope to bring to the tournaments later this year.

    Looking forward to seeing what others have done.

  2. Nice Jayden. Really like the look of that army!