Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Hobby Goals for 2016

At the start of the year it is traditional to set some hobby goals around what you want to achieve over the coming 12 months. For some reason I never got around to it in January but thought it would be smart to do it now.

So in no particular order here is what I'd like to complete hobby-wise in 2016:

1. Emperor's Children - I have three 5-10 man units of Legion-specific models to paint plus the Eidolin special character to paint. I've purchased the FW airbrush EC colours specifically for the task.

2. Tabletop World - There is a cardboard box under my desk with 5 unpainted buildings. I also have two buildings to base on my hobby desk. It is one of my priorities to get all of these done and based.

3. Rebasing Battlefield in a Box terrain - I have some BiaB terrain I am keen to re-base to get better utility out of. This includes the Elven Tower and the Orc/Ogre huts. Really it is a weekend job so should get done reasonably quickly.

4. Finish "Empire" Army - I have a number of units I would like to finish for my "Empire" army. These include my Sisters of Sigmar, 10-20 Flagellents, 10 Great Swords and various characters/crew models. Figure wise this is probably the priority for me.

5. Unpainted Armies - there are two unpainted "Fantasy" armies in the Dunn-geon. The first is a Herd/Beastmen army comprising Mierce models while the second is a metal "Big Hats" Abyssal Dwarf/Chaos Dwarf army. These are lower priority than the first four items so I expect I'll struggle to get them done this year.

6. Mierce/Forgeworld Monsters - I have the FW Keeper of Secrets and the Mierce Krull that need to be painted. I'm keen to use the airbrush to get them done. These are entirely achievable this year so I'm keen to make some progress.

In addition to these, I have a multitude of models that would benefit from paint - plus heaps of terrain that I'd like to make and paint. Certainly there is no pressing need to open the wallet in the near term.

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