Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tomb Kings "Squatted"

And so the cull has begun.

GW this week announced their latest faction book for Age of Sigmar - "Death" - and there was no mention of the team from Khemri.

This got tongues wagging and a number of enquiries to GW. Doing the rounds on Twitter was a copy of an email from GW indicating that they were moving TKs to the "Last Chance to Buy" section of their website - this is where models go to die - and you better buy while you still can.

If this is indeed true and not just a temporary measure while they re-package into a more easily trademarked form then it is a sad day.

Tomb Kings were my first Fantasy army. I bought a partly painted full army from Charles Black in 2003. He had won the figures as part of a GT price when they were released in 2002. I remember taking possession of it in Melbourne in August 2003 when attending the Games Workshop Melbourne Grand Tournament. This was the first time I used my Emperor's Children and signalled the start of six GW GT wins over the next two years. What a different company GW was then when it cared about its community.

Over the years I finished painting my TKs and in 2006 I used a dip on them which turned out really well. Units have been added as new releases were made - Sphinxes, Snakes etc - and a couple of years ago I picked up 20+ metal Tomb Guard at Adepticon. The last units I added was three units of Skeleton Horse Archers. And the whole army had its bases tarted up last year. So they've been with me since the beginning.

So let this be a heads up that the models may be about to disappear and if so this is the chance to snap up any gaps you have - preferably second hand so as not to reward the Evil Empire!.

I'm after Ushabti - both the originals and bows - if anyone has them. I suspect that both KoW Empire of Dust and 9th Age TK replacement players will be after then (I know a local who has a fully painted TK army he is looking to sell complete btw).

And finally GW, remember:

when you kill the Tomb King, you suffer the Curse!


  1. Certain things in the tomb kings line can go just due to being to old, but Tomb Guard, the Sphinxes and the Snake Riders seem like things that would be sticking around due to being more modern kits that they want to get their investment out of the molds.

  2. I see that Galrauch, Throgg and the Hellcannon are already sold out. And no closing down everything must go discounts for the TK much to my surprise haha.
    Sorry Shadowdancer but the models you mention are all in the last chance section of the website.
    Pete the skavenslaves sling upgrade pack is in there too!

  3. Oh I know that but at the same time the Lord of Change model was in there at one point. So it could very well be reboxing in the case of those kits

  4. If this is true what a shame! I have a TK army in my cupboard (unassembled/ unpainted) that I was just thinking it would be fun to put together (I don't have any exciting models in there though, just basic troops and a couple of characters). I guess I will just make them up "for fun" and use them in 8th (9th?) or sub them into Frostgrave as a warband or bands of wandering monsters.

    1. Or make a Empire of Dust army for Kings of War.......