Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hobbying Away

Given I was spending the day umpiring WSS on Saturday, I thought I should spend the time wisely. So I took down some hobby to do. Just as well as I think I may have been asked two questions over the course of the day.

The first thing I did was put together an Iron Warriors Legion Dreadnaught. Interesting though, looking on Army Builder they don't seem to have Dreadnaughts any more - rather something called a Hellbrute...bloody kids!

Worked away through the morning, removing the resin and filing the surfaces. There wasn't much flash but the usual Forgeworld mold lines. I had two right arms for it - twin linked auto cannon and twin linked lascannon. Not sure which will see more use but nice to have a choice. For the left arm I had the siege assault arm with the drill bit on it. Seems in keeping with the Iron Warriors' role as assault specialists.

You can see what a GW fanboy I am with my Citadel tools. Anyway it all went together easy.
In the afternoon I pulled out my Obliterators. These are the old metal ones from 3rd Ed and - seriously - they must be the worse ever kit to put together. Fiddly and metal, each of the arms is made up of the main limb and 5-6 add ons. These all need to be pinned as they are heavy and super glue did a poor job holding things together.
Still all done now....and something I never have to do again! Three sets done for a full Obliterator unit.
I also managed to talk the local bitz magpie to open his warehouse of bitz and provide me with the backpacks and ccw I wanted to finish the IW. This was a major coup as I don't believe anybody has ever prised a GW model component from his taloned claw!


  1. Great to see some of the 30/40k stuff back on the agenda.

    Re the obliteraters, I recently spent some time pinning Infinity models together - working with metal is a pain!

    1. Yep. I haven't missed driving a pin vise drill into the top of my finger.

      I've purchased the Warpsmith - GW Direct Only grrrr - and I think it will be my first Finecast model. Keen to see what all the hype is about (welcome to 2009 Petey!)

    2. I have two finecast models - Festus the Leechlord and Inquisitor Karamazov. Both were many years after the initial release and the casts were fine (sorry couldn't help myself). I think Finecast eventually turned out okay but they should have delayed the release until quality control was up to standard. Especially when it accompanied a significant price increase.