Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Update

Hobby wise this weekend was largely non-eventful. No building, no painting, no nothing really. The only thing that happened was that the lists for "Summer" the first of the Warlords Super Series came in. This event is on this Saturday and, annoyingly, it has attracted an odd number of participants. If there is anybody who can help me out by evening up the field it would be greatly appreciated.

The news on the Tomb Kings got me thinking about my army and sent me straight to eBay (probably not what GW intended). After meandering around I started looking at Forge World and Black Library items before purchasing the new 30k Army List Summary Book. As noted last week I have some FW Horus Heresy to paint - a Death Guard Vindicator, Emperor's Children and a Heresy Landspeeder (probably EC).

While down in the Dunn-geon I found a box with a lot of my Iron Warriors in it. There're were three painted rhinos and I know there is at least one Dreadnaught as well as multiple infantry squads, Havocs and Obliterators (the 3rd/4th Ed metal ones). While I do not have the least desire to play the current 40k edition (and I don't own an Imperial Knight) I do have a strange calling to paint some Chaos Space Marines so I may try some airbrushing on them over the next few weeks.

Speaking of 40k, apparently there is a rumour floating around that GW is going to drop points and instead you play with formations. This sounds familiar....What could go wrong?

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