Monday, September 23, 2013

New Legion Tactical Squad Ready to Go

Yesterday I put together a new Legion Tactical Squad for my Death Guard Heresy-era army. This is my second Troop choice and is set up in the same configuration - Bolters and Sergeant with Fist and Pistol - as the first one.

Here they are ready for spraying - mould lines cleaned, resin washed, pinned - with just the Sergeant's bolt pistol to be drilled.

Whereas my first squad was mix of Crusade and Iron Armour, this is all Mark III.

Now have the following:

2x 10 man Legion Tactical Squads (one to be painted)
2x Contemptor Dreads - Multi-melta and Claw
Praetor - Terminator Armour with Plasma and Scythe
5 man Deathshroud
2x Apothecary (both being painted)

Now looking to add a Mk II or Phobus Land Raider then I'll total up points.

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