Monday, September 16, 2013

Painting Checklist - The Reality

Lots of good discussion re the painting checklist

Here for me is the reality. If you want full painting points you don't need to be a master painter, you can choose to check just the following boxes:

This gets full points. 

For each point you miss full marks by you lose 0.71 Tournament Points. Each Battle Point is worth 0.6 Tournament Points. Therefore if you got only 30 out of 35 for painting you would need to make up 6 Battle Points.

In the lead up to the event you could spend an hour a night and get the extra 5 Painting Points e.g. Flock and and paint movement trays (2 points), make a Display Base (1 point) [and you can carry your models on it] - it doesn't have to be elaborate, apply a wash or highlight to parts of your models (2 points).

And you're there.