Sunday, September 15, 2013

Warpfire 2013 Results

Warpfire, a 1000 point one day event was held in New Zealand yesterday. Umpired by Locky Reid it attracted 26 gamers. Unfortunately one withdrew the night before the event so 24 started.

We used Adepticon 2013 scenarios and they met with approval as something different by those that competed. The illness of one player during the event meant that 23 finished (and I got to play the last two rounds as the gumby).

Here are the results:

Congratulations to Peter Williamson for taking out event with another list that flew below the radar. He went 5-0 while both Tom Dunn and Hamish Gordon went 4-1.

It was nice to see two new (or returning) players at the event.

First Overall: Peter Williamson (Bretonnians)
Second Overall: Tom Dunn (Daemons of Chaos)
Third Overall: Glen Burfield (Vampire Counts)

Best Sport: Sam Whitt

Best Presented: Lincoln Hely (Ogre Kingdoms)

A big thanks to all that participated and to Locky Reid for umpiring.


  1. Yep thanks to Locky for a great job and to you Pete for organising everything and laying on the fantastic terrain. Was a highly enjoyable event and well done to Peter for the 1st place. More 1000-1200pt events like this would be most welcome

  2. Thanks to all my opponents for an enjoyable day of madness. Look forward to seeing you guys across the table at next event. Cheers to Locky for running it for us, and Pete for all the organisation and for both bowing out when numbers came up odd - and again for coming in to even them up. I for one am happy with the greater emphasis on painting also - I need all the impetus I can get to finish my army! It's great to see some reward for those who go beyond the call in terms of painting and hobby.

  3. I had a good time except for one issue:

    I was constantly harassed by the TO Locky Reid based on wearing my (increasingly unlucky) pink shirt. I was labelled a deviant and reduced to a stereotype by his mocking. What's even worse was that this ridicule was not even consistently applied. Peter Williamson had a blue and pink polo shirt and received no verbal harassment that I noticed, despite being from Masterton.

    What makes me particularly concerned is that due to being the lowest Kiwihammer finisher (due to collaboration between Locky and Sam regarding paint scores), I am apparently obliged to wear women's clothing to the next event. If I was ridiculed for wearing a pink shirt, what will the vicious Locky Reid say/do to me when I arrive wearing this little number?

    I totally believe that this should be an inclusive hobby, I mean hell, we even let a Canadian kid pretend to play Warhammer with us; but that inclusiveness is under threat from the nefarious Locky Reid.

    Locky - about that forest fire I talked about, I've changed my mind, that's too good for you. Only a misadventure with Reindeer will do now...

    1. Jeff, you're not allowed to wear that dress, it's too Xena Warrior Princess, therefore butch and not feminine enough. This is probably a better look for you anyway;

      As for the tournament, I really enjoyed it. I have to admit I was a bit dubious about playing at 1,000 points, as it didn't seem like 'real' Warhammer to me. You couldn't fit in everything to make a 'proper' army, and it seemed a bit lightweight to me.

      I was wrong. 1,000 points makes players take real choices, not the "Shall I take a second block of White Lions or a second Frost Phoenix" type choices. The games played very tactically and were every bit as good as 2,400 points. Five games in a day was great. The scenarios were a good change too.

      Overall, a really good tournament. Thanks to Pete and Locky for the hard work, and to my opponents for five great games.

  4. 1000 (or even 1200) points + 5 games + one day = Win

    Thanks to Pete and Locky and all my opponents (even Sam Whitt) :)


  5. Unfortunately I'm unlikely to run more than one single day event per year.

    The amount of work to organise is as much as a two day event.

  6. Well I'm quite happy to keep co-hosting Vermintide in Wellington while there is continued support for it. So if Warpfire continues as a one day tournament that gives two a year.
    I'm very pleased you see the merits of the smaller point games Tane. I think they are great fun, force you to make hard decisions in your army list, and have to "make do" with what you've got against opponents.

  7. Thanks for being nice gents (bar Jeff) all day guys. You all make it a really easy job and I didn't have to get my grumpy face on once.

    If anyone wants to email me ( about any feedback regarding the tournament as a whole or the painting system that was used please feel free. Happy to openly discuss individual scores if people want to know how their score was determined.

    1. HI Locky

      After going 4 and 1 in the tournament and finishing 10th due to the painting score, expect an email from me about the painting system used :)

  8. People can read a rundown of Warpfires system here:

    1. Shouldn't it be "both my friends"

    2. I saw two dozen people at Warpfire, and I'm not sure any of them liked Locky...

    3. I saw two dozen people at Warpfire, and I'm not sure any of them liked Locky...