Monday, September 2, 2013


So after the disaster that was Saturday's Apocalyptic Doom I got the Daemons out for a game against Wil Hoverd's Ogres yesterday. Fatties vs. Fatties.

Wil had Slaughtermaster, Stubborn BSS, Firebelly and Butcher, two Gutblocks, three Mournfang pairs, two tusks, three Maneaters and an Ironblaster. We played B&G with both of us having Fortitude of 5.

I was a little worried re his Ironblaster but my Skullcannon got it first turn. I think Wil was a little surprised with how aggressive I was with the DoC as I pushed it up in his grill Turn 1. The game then centred on two combats. Wil charged my Plaguebearers with 2x2 Mournfang and began a grind. He also charged his SM/BSB guts into my Beast block. I managed to survive the initial impact and hold him up until my Drones hit the flank.

Tub thumping then started in earnest. My Skullcannon charged in to help the depleted Plaguebearers and eventually - with Herald plus 5 bearers left - I destroyed one unit of Mournfang and the others fled and were caught. Over four rounds of combat I wore down the Gutblock and when a space in the front rank opened up in went Big Poppa Pump. He killed the BSB and when the unit broke - the gut standard died - I broke Wil's Fortitude. The last 2-3 turns were mopping up. Wil got both units of Horrors and the Skullcannon with his Maneaters while I Purple Sunned his other guts.

At the end Wil had a Mournfang left while I had lost a unit of Furies, two blocks of Horrors, a lone Beast and the Skullcannon. On paper it was a big win but the result belied how hard fought the battle was.

After the game we had a chat about our own mistakes and where we thought the other could have taken better options. In my case I stuffed up my challenge selection while for Wil we agreed his deployment should have been modified slightly for better effect.

Enjoyable game versus a great opponent.

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