Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ETC 2014 Team New Zealand Update

Applications for the 2014 ETC Team New Zealand closed last night.

I am happy to report that there were 15 applicants, which was reduced to 13 once the dates were announced as mid-August.

Of those 13 people:

  • 6 have previous ETC experience
  • 8 are currently domiciled in NZ
  • 9 are ranked in the Top 25 in NZ
  • 11 have played at NZ Masters (or will in 2013)
  • 2 Masters Winners (well three if you count me this year)
Looking at the applicants, there is a good spread of available armies.

The applications are now with the Selection Panel and I'm very confident that we will get a strong team that does NZ proud. Unfortunately 13 people into 8 positions means that some will have to miss out and I'm sure there will be some disappointment. 

The intention is to finalise selection as soon as practicable so people are left hanging.


  1. Who are these hobby heroes, these men of valorous dice and miniature magnificence!?

  2. Going to keep the applicants' names private at moment because I don't want to prejudice the process by people second-guessing team selection.

    We'll get the selection sorted as quick as possible

  3. Looking forward to hearing more about the Black Dice. Hope anyone who is disappointed will take it on the chin and do their best to help out those selected.