Friday, September 13, 2013

Winning is Fun! - The Top 5 Lists at Warpfire

It appears that at least some people missed reading the bit about Warpfire being a fun event - or at least defined fun as winning. They are some true shockers at the event and the odd diamond in the rough.

Here's my pick on likely Top 5 placegetters at Warpfire.

5. Hamish Gordon (Empire)

By far the most egregious list here. The lack of podium finish so far kinda irks Hamish and so when he picked up the Players Pack and saw the word "fun" he misread it as "1+ Armour Save". This list will be played the "Kapiti Way" - pushed straight forward and attempt to bludgeon the opponent. If it works then it equals "Teh Skillorz", if not "My opponent's list was broken". Just joking Hamish. Happy Birthday.

4. Joel van de Ven-Long (Empire)

He wanted to do a Hamish but has just a bit too much self-respect. Hence inclusion of his halberdiers. Joel has been "Mr. Disappointment" 2009-13 but I'm not going to give up on him now. Surely this is your time....again.

3. Stuart Robinson (Warriors of Chaos)

But not a Warrior in sight. I said someone would lack the self-respect to do it - I had numerous candidates - but it is Stuart that has proved me right. Not content with the toughest book in the game, he felt the need to include a Special Character to circumvent the Core tax the rest of us have to pay. Bad Stuart.

2. Wil Hoverd (Ogres)

There is a way to have a fun ogre list at 1000 points - check out mine for instance - and then there is Wil's way. Combat potenial? Check. Magic? Check. Shooting? Check. After people play Wil I expect hugs when they see my list.

1. Tom Dunn

You never saw it coming. But you will remember it. A diamond amongst the rough. Makes me proud.


  1. I want Mr Richards to win. Slayers baby! Fuck yeah!

    1. Yep I think Adams list is pretty damn good... tough without all the filth from some of the *ahem* "broke" books

    2. Not that Im saying the games unbalanced or anything

    3. I declare Adam the new people's champion!

    4. He totally stole my dwarf experimental list... and after telling me it was naff! :-)

  2. I'm a little surprised that Jeff's list didn't make the cut. 5 war machines would make a Dwarf proud at 2,400 points, let alone 1,000 (yeah, 2 are Spear Chukkas, still pretty good against 1+ armour saves...). Backed up with Foot, Hand and 22 huge Savage Orcs for anything that trudges through the killing area.

    Mind you, I'm probably just whining because his list is the giant granite boulder to my kindy-kid safety scissors. Nice reading of the meta though.

    1. I've played a few warm-up games with it and balanced armies should do fine against it. The armies that won't like it are the ones with only 1+ saves, no BS shooting and no offensive magic. My mate's HE take me apart.

      It can be a hard army, but it's a pretty one dimensional gambit. Against the 5 up there (bar Tom's) I'll still probably lose unless there's a building or Foot goes crazy. At the end of the day it was WoC or OnG, and I thought I'd try to at least catch out the people who took as much MC/MI as they could.

    2. Well I'm rocking a Lord level character at 1,000 points, so I can't exactly claim the moral high ground.

      Anyway, Adam's choice is inspired, if a bit lunatic. I'm guessing he'll have a ball regardless.

    3. My list:
      No BS shooting
      No offensive magic
      Thank god I've got 2+ armour saves Jeff otherwise I'd be really screwed.

  3. So in the immortal words of MJ "you know I'm bad, I'm bad". Guess I need to get that song to play on my tablet as I carry my army to the next table.

    But on a more serious note. There are a few points I would like to raise:

    1. Yes my army is hard as nails. Yes it could be described as filth. But does it have weaknesses? Yes it does. No magic offence or defense. No shooting. Low intiative. Low leadership outside of the bubble, yes it is a large bubble, but if Throgg dies the trolls become extremely hard to manage due to stupidity. Also there is always the panic risk with the chimera's. Even with a leadership 8 bubble the trolls can be cumbersome. Just ask Adam when I played his dwarf army at CtA. My troll unit with Throgg in it, a Ld 9 general and a bsb on occasions close by, still managed to fail the first 4 turns stupidity tests. This left them shuffling forward doing nothing, Turn 5 they could only reform (another weakness no musician), even by turn 6 they were too far away to do anything.

    2. In regards to comp there was nothing but confusion regarding this particular tournament. Prior to the event I recall you making the comment that there was going to be no comp for the 1,000pt tournament coming up, so take what you like. Then the pack comes out with the veto stick being waved, then the blog discussion about subjective comp, and finally the call that it will be no comp and no veto. Seems to me that on this occasion even you are confused as to the objective of the tournament, so not surprising that your customers may also be somewhat confused.

    3. I hope that we can all agree that army lists are subjective. That the game is designed around rock/paper/scissors. What is a hard list for one army to face is an easy army to another. I have no doubt that there will be lists that will cream my army, especially given the skill level of the people attending, the ones that will take advantage of the disadvantages outlined above.

    4. You make the comment about core tax. With all due respect really where is the core tax in an ogre army? There are advantages and disadvantages re Ironguts vs Trolls, but really are you being taxed? Seems like a monster list to me vs a monster list.

    5. Interested to note that Locky has now come out and stated that he will be manipulating the first round draw to ensure that all the douche armies play against each other. This does not solve the problem, just transfers it. The swiss chess format will then put a losing "douche" army up against a winning "fun" army in the second round instead.

    Will enough negativity.

    If my army is perceived as filth. If I am bad and a douche. Then I will make the following suggestion to ensure that there is no ill feeling and to go along with the stated fun element that appears to be the most inportant aspect of this tournament:
    I would be happy for you Pete to design another "fun" army from your massive collection. You give me the choice between that army and your existing "fun" ogre army to play at the tournament and I will leave my "bad douche" army at home.

    On a lighter note my mothers maiden name was Douche. I kid you not.

  4. Not sure where to start Stuart. So I won't. :-)

    Just make sure you have fun

  5. Petes still vying for position as Throggs heir apparent, I see. Sadly its still Jimbo's to lose