Monday, September 2, 2013

Tauranga Open This Weekend

This weekend the Tauranga Open will be contested in, not surprisingly, Tauranga.

The event has grown over the past few years and this year has attracted a field of 20 participants from around the North Island. A lot of people are viewing the event as an opportunity to post their ranking as they make a run for the Masters in December. Jeff Kent, John Willenbruch, Paul Dalton and grizzled veteran Ant Kitson are all outside qualifying spots so will be doing their darnedest to secure the 80 points on offer. UK Netlisters James Brown and Ross Hillier-Jones as well as tournament whore Sam Whitt will be doing their best to stop them.

Here is a list of participants:

Blair Garratt Empires
Antony Kitson Ogres
Jeffrey Kent O & G
James Brown Lizards
John Willenbruch Vampire
Andy Hudson Ogres
Colin Philbrick Bretonians
Damien McFettridge High Elves
William McBurney Lizards
Marlin Fisher Wood Elves
Paul Dalton Tomb Kings
Stefan Hastings Dwarves
Ross Hillier-Jones Warriors
Sam Campbell Daemons
Fern Campbell O & G
Sam Whitt Warriors
Rory Finnemore Empires
Henry Poor O & G
Logan Harris Ogres
Kelly Gragg Warriors

Special shout out to Nerdyman Rory. Let's hope he finds his mojo!


  1. If I was looking for 80 points, I wouldn't be lending Ross my netlist...

  2. Its warhammer with a cheap bar close bar. Thoughts of 80 points won't last long.

    1. and dont forget tauranga barmaid down the road....

    2. Hamish - send me your new email

    3. sent it to you via google+ circles thing...

      I think I still have your number, will try texting it to you as well... Playing John 'Stumpy' Murrie in 2 weeks, first WHFB for a year I think... :-{

  3. Could be worth coming over and spectating, from the bar.

  4. Ha ha, my mojo will definitely be there....just to make it more exciting and with increased anticipation - I'm going to kick arse and chew bubble-gum, and I'm all outta gum... show these pups and wannabee's how to play Warhammer... in that place that exists (somehow) south of the Bombay hills.

    Please Sigmar don't let me fall flat on my face....please....

    But in all seriousness I'm looking forward to (not as much as a certain pommy gentleman) the strippers that Tauranga has to offer...grrrrowl....