Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm Not Paranoid But.....

So for the third time in 2013 my Screaming Bell suffered Apocalyptic Doom. This is when you pick up your dice at the start of the magic phase and for no good reason roll 6...6...6

The result looks something like this:

It is particularly nasty when you determine the radius of the blast and roll 18 on 4D6. It is even worse when you are facing Lizardmen who prior to the explosion had four or five units of Skinks.

This is what the Earth looked liked prior to when a skink or small furry mammal looked into the sky 65 million years ago and said "Oh, shiney.....oh fu..."

At the end of the turn when the dust settled there were less than 20 models left on the table.

Now I want to know why....

2009 - Nil

2010 - Nil

2011 - Nil

2012 - Nil

2013 - Three (in the first 8 months)

Obviously there is a problem in Seerlord Morskitta's happy horde.


  1. Its obvious.
    The 13th year in the 21st century is bound to full of omens for the superstitious rat folk.

    On the other hand it could just he "law of averages" working out. Have you counted up how many times you have rolled 3 dice on your bell over the last x years?

  2. or you realise the bell is literally broken, and its time to move on from the skaven?

  3. That's what you get for using slave labour to make your consumer goods. Been buysing them from rotten apple or google rat again