Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Gaming Lesson - Never Assume

Yesterday I had a game against Ryan Lister's Warriors of Chaos. Taking a break from the Skaven I've been using recently I gave the Daemons a trot out in a battle for the Chaos Wastes.

Early in the game I distracted Ryan's Daemon Prince and had him/her/it battle with some of my more "chaffy" units while I worked on his centre. By Turn 5 the Daemon Prince had feasted on all these and turned to enter the fray in the centre.

I turned my Plaguebearer block to face the Prince. Earlier in the battle I had lost my Champ and so the only character was my Nurgle Herald BSB. No problem, I thought.

Actually, big problem. Unlike the rest of the WoC characters the Daemon Prince doesn't have Eye of the Gods (or whatever it is called) and so doesn't have to challenge. I thought my BSB could safely retreat to the back rank but that wasn't to be. He eventually last 3 rounds of combat but was killed yielding Ryan his points.

So dear readers, a lesson to you all. Never assume. Those Warriors are tricksey buggers.

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  1. Mu ha ha. Nurgle flies + cannon + 2 units of horrors made tasty meal for DP. Trading away my dogs and being silly with chariots lost me the center combat.

    The other common mistake I have seen is that it is assumed the Daemon Prince has a 18" Inspiring Presence - but as he does not have the large target rule it is just 12"

    Daemon Prince doesn't need to show off to the gods, he's already made it.