Friday, September 13, 2013

ETC 2014 Team New Zealand Announced

After a record number of applications and considerable deliberations by the Selection Panel, I am pleased to announce Team New Zealand for ETC 2014.

We received sixteen applications in total. Two of these were withdrawn once the dates of the event became known leaving fourteen people vying for 8 places. The Selection Panel of Chris Wilcox (Team NZ 2013 Captain), Mal Patel and myself then began the difficult task of whittling them down. There were a number of criteria that we looked at. Obviously playing ability and experience are a prime consideration however race coverage and also the availability for team interaction were also important.

As we settled on the team the task became more difficult as there was little to choose in playing ability between the candidates. In the end race coverage and specific race experience was a deciding factor.

So the team that we have settled on is:

  • Pete Dunn (C)
  • Dan Butler
  • Rory Finnemore
  • David Grant
  • Tim Joss
  • David Meachen
  • Mal Patel
  • Thomas van Roekel
This gives us a team made up of five NZ residents and three people offshore. The team has six people with previous ETC experience. All are "graduates" of the NZ domestic tournament Warhammer scene. This is a testimony to how much it has grown over the past 5-6 years.

I am also pleased to announce that James Milner and Henry Poor have been appointed coaches and will be accompanying the team to ETC 2014. Jack Dunn has volunteered (as much as any son can) to work on providing match up software for the team.

I would like to thank Chris and Mal for their efforts in this selection process (and especially Chris for his efforts with the team since its inception).

Finally I would like the thank the unsuccessful applicants for the grace and mature way that they accepted the decision. They were contacted prior to this team announcement and while disappointed each has offered to help the team in any way possible. That is the sort of maturity and strength of purpose that makes me confident that this selection and future NZ ETC teams are well grounded.


  1. Congratulations guys, a solid team and I'm sure yall will do well.

    Pete forgot to mention though that I will be the cultural and media advisor for the team. As such I'm working on some Haka training videos for yall.

    Furthermore I'm making up Taylor Swift/Kanye West mix-tapes so you guys don't go crazy on the flights there and back. Don't worry I already have all your addresses so I know where to post them.

  2. Gratz fellas! Really stoked with this team. Go hard! :)

  3. Congrats to the guys, you carry the hopes and dreams of NZ with you, except Rory, who will carry the team itself. This is the Americas cup, in Europe!

  4. Rock hard, fearsome set of nerds. Good luck dudes!

  5. Great going! Congrats to those selected and Kia Kaha for the tournament!