Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October White Dwarf - Dark Elf Pictures

The first pictures of the new Dark Elves have emerged. These are from the pages of next month's White Dwarf and are very low quality/resolution. However they give a taste of what we are in for. And you can colour me impressed.

Games Workshop certainly look like they have produced a winner. The Dark Elves have always had great models but these new ones look like they set the bar even higher again.

The Shrine and Cauldron are fantastic models but for me the stars are the new Sisters and the Dreadspears. The only miss is the slightly goofy looking Hydra but the new Mierce model will fill that void.


  1. thanks for this pete. colour me stoked

  2. Makes the high elf update seem rather lame bycomparison

    1. Fixed it for you "makes High Elves seem rather lame by comparision"



  4. agreed on goofy hydra, but everything else is ace. i like the witch elves more than the sisters of slaughter though. i can see it being a very poor month

  5. Lovin' the machines and sisters of slaughter, witches ok, hate the HE look of warriors. Smooth Dudes. Not evil enough. Much preferred the sinister look of the last release. Karybdiss great. Multi-headed Lochness monster a fail. ( I think we can expect a second release if you can believe the rumours)

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