Monday, September 9, 2013

FOB NZ Rankings Updated for Tauranga and Invercargill

The rankings have been updated for both systems following the Tauranga Open (WHFB) and Invercargill Invasion (40k).

Tauranga was won by Ross Hillier-Jones who borrowed back Ol' Yella from Jeff Kent for one last run (or is it). This has pushed him up to 2nd in the rankings with the opportunity to be 1st once Guardcon 2012 drops out. Rory Finnemore demonstrated just how unbroken Skaven are by picking up an Empire list and catapulting into 2nd [I guess we can class the Equinox Experiment "Busted"] and Sam Whitt's Tuck and Cut She-Male Slaaneshi Princess continued his bridesmaid run.

After they contested the event on Twitter, Sam Whitt was the best of the Kiwihammer boys and I look forward to the new layers of comp they suggest the game needs going forward. All I can say is that with SCGT comp at Dandies I'd Like to Forget (DILF) Con in November, I would expect things to radically change. Neuter some races while giving others free rein suggests we shouldn't expect the unexpected.

The next event is this week's Warpfire where Walls of 1+ Saves face Cores of Vomiting Trolls.


  1. Well my personal thought is that SCGT needs to undo some of the comp. There are answers to WoC/DoC, but SCGT doesn't really let them come to play...

    How the DILFS run it is up to them though.

  2. To be honest, I think DP's are fine. It's Nurgle DP's that fuck the whole thing up. Take away Nurgle and I think the problem goes away. Now you cannot just ban the mark of Nurgle, so not sure what to do. If you want to comp it, maybe say "You may choose one of the following: Mark of Nurgle on your DP or Mark of Tzeentch on your BSB".

    1. Or just live with it....and ensure other armies can bring their tools

    2. I believe that only one army build should be allowed per book!

      The problem with the army books is too much choice, which creates inequality, which we know is evil and thus choice is evil!

      My friends, we will not be free of the tyranny of inequality until we throw off the yoke of the real master, choice!

      I say we rise up against the bourgeois and forge a new system of comp which will set us free!

      Mr. Dunn please report to the Auckland City Guard for Warhammer Re-education.

    3. Yeah, between Frosties, Star Dragons, BTs, certain Banners and Death Magic, I don't have an issue with them. :-)

      That said if you want a simple solution (IMO) make Soulfeeder and Nurgle exclusive. That way you have to at least think about whether those 4 wounds will last before just lumping him into a massive grind to kill everything, knowing you'll live forever...

    4. Problem is, its hitting it thats the problem in those combats. Nurgle DP really doesnt need soulfeeder, the others do.

    5. @pete dunn I really dont mind if its comped or not as I killed Ross's. its just other armies struggle so much against the Nurgle dp. I am trying to come up with a solition that actually makes the woc player make some choices with build.

    6. Give Skaven their 2nd WLC

      Give Ogres their 2nd Ironblaster

      Lot less DPs rolling around

    7. Yup agreed, but then it makes Skaven and Ogres even stronger against the other races where they already dominate.

    8. Buy everyone Skaven and Ogre armies??

      There is the solution to all warhammer problems: everyone plays using identical Skaven lists