Monday, April 15, 2013

Horus Heresy Podcast - After Ullanor

Dave Witek  from Garagehammer has joined forces with Greg Dann (@ChildofFang on Twitter) to produce the "After Ullanor" podcast.

Put simply this is "Book Club" for the Black Library Horus Heresy series of books. Each episode focuses on one of the books and explores the story, looks at the characters etc.

The cast works quite well as Greg is a Horus Heresy nimrod while Dave knows nothing about the Heresy other than what he reads in the books.

First episode was a scene-setter where they looked at the 30k universe before the Heresy and the podcasts proper start with "Episode One - Horus Rising".

You get download them free from your normal podcast provider.

I'm hoping they'll do some "specials" looking at some of the Forgeworld material as its released.

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  1. Interesting. I've recently become involved with a new podcast reviewing Black Library books in general. The next episode of that will also feature some HH. We can be found at and also in iTunes.

    First episode my cohost reviewed Chris Wraight's Swords of the Empire books, episode 2 i covered the most recent Gotrek and Felix and he covered Pariah in a quick review. Episode 3 should cover a couple of the HH audio dramas and possibly Outcast Dead.

    Leon C