Monday, April 1, 2013

Deamons of Chaos - Nurgle

Over the past month I've been painting up new Nurgle Daemons for Fantasy.

On top of two blocks of 30 Plaguebearers, I have done a Great Unclean One (my FW one being two big for normal play), Epidemis and 6 Beasts of Nurgle.

Some of the photos are overexposed - but you get the idea


Billy Slugtongue - Great Unclean One

 This is the Scibor model I picked up from Maelstrom's going out of business sale. He just fits on a 50mm base. The photo has heightened the oranges which aren't quite that bright.

Beasts of Nurgle

The GW BoN are truly awful figures. I decided to use Forgeworld's Plague Ogres. A lot of people use the Plague Toads but I wanted to try something different. Very happy with the rusty swords.

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  1. Nice looking Nurgle stuff. Always a fan when it comes to Nurgle.