Monday, April 15, 2013

Daemon Run

On the weekend I played Mike's Lizards and thought I'd give the Daemons I've been painting a run.

The list I took was:

GUO - Level 4 (Nurgle), Exalted and Lesser Gift

HoN - BSB, 5+ Poison Locus, Lesser Gift

27 Plaguebearers - FC, Banner of Swiftness

25 Plaguebearers - FC, Std of Discipline

4 Beasts



5 Flesh Hounds - Ambush

3 Plague Drones - Std, Muso, Poison Fly, Gleaming Pennant


In the end the game was around 1000 points up to me but at various stages it could have gone either way.I was effective in clearing out Mike's chaff by declaring charges and getting them away from the Slaan's Ld when attempting to rally.

I lost the GUO on Turn 4 - very susceptible to poison shots - but picked up the Slaan Turn 5 when Flesh Hounds and Plaguies took him down. The Skullcannon misfired Turn 1 and died Turn 2.

The main interest we had going into the game was the effects of the Reign of Chaos table. The first two turns I rolled "10" which increased my Ward Save by +1. The effect there was small - saved one PB from dying.In the other four turns, I rolled one "7" - nothing - and three results where Mike's unengaged had to take effect on a "6". Only one "6" was rolled total and the Khorne effect scattered harmlessly.

Mike thought the Plaugies were a devil to shift but they put out little damage. Most of that was coming from the unit of 4 Beasts who got a flank then a front on Saurus Warriors. The Str 5 makes huge difference.

Really liked the Flesh Hounds. A lot of people have written them off but I think they are very very useful.


  1. It looks to be fairly close to what a lot of mixed lists are taking and is really tough.

    What did you get/take for the exalted gift?

    I've found flesh hounds have been really good improvers over last edition. If I'm running a mixed list I'm looking at 1 unit as an autoinclude.

    Some of the reign of chaos rolls have done fairly well for me as well. On the last game I played I got to kill a rocklobber with it on the first turn. Sure it's only on a 6 and then you have to roll for whatever type/template damage it does, but it's a nice bonus when it does happen.

    1. Defaulted to Eternal Blade. It seems good all round choice

    2. The Eternal Blade is a good choice for the GUO, as he gains the most benefit from it. The blade is not so useful for the other GD's.

      For my Bloodthrister I am taking a greater gift and 2 lesser gifts.

    3. Yeah I've been defaulting for eternal blade on my GUO, you just have to remember if you roll a 6 you get a free lesser gift and roll again on exalted table. I did roll and keep +2 toughness against goblins which seemd pretty beast having stone throweres trying to wound on a 5+ with Epidemius's buff. I even contemplated walking through a Mangler Squig at T10. The lesser is usually something like biting blade or sword of swift slaying.

      Lord of Change is probably going to be defaulting to wand of whimsy (which is insanely cheap for what it can do)

    4. BTW what are you running for Runefang.

      This is my list

    5. My daemon list for Runefang is:

      Bloodthrister - Greater gift, 2 x lesser gifts
      Herald of Khorne - BSB and greater gift
      Herald of Tzeentch - lvl 2 (metal)
      30 x bloodletters (FC)
      29 x bloodletters (FC)
      10 x Pink Horrors (Standard)
      5 x Furies
      5 x Furies
      1 BoN
      1 BoN
      3 x Bloodcrushers
      Skullcannon of khorne

      So a multi-god list with Khrone, Nurgle and Tzeentch. Was looking at running a DP of slaneesh instead of Bloodthrister, but went with the Bloodthrister. My list is limited quite a bit by the models I actually have painted or can paint in time.

  2. After playing 3 games with Daemons in the new edition, I have found the rolls have little influence on the game. Though in my first game i did roll a 12 first turn, which allowed me to put a unit of 14 bloodletters next to the dwarf's artillery for a second turn charge. My bloodcrushers also got there on the 2nd turn, so the influence of the bloodletters was small.

    I find the Slaneesh and Nurgle rolls the best on the table, as they give you the best chance on doing damage to the opponents units. The scatter with the Tzeetch and Khorne make it hard to do any damage. So far in 3 games, I have managed to notch up 1 warp lightning cannon and 3 wounds off a grudgethrower with "dark prince thirsts" rolls.

    I think unless you roll a 2,3,11 or 12 the effects have only a small influence on the game, while these 4 rolls have the potential to be game-changers, especially early on in the game. For example: I rolled two 11 against Pete's Skaven (second turn and fifth turn) and the Gray Seer passed both his leadership tests. If he had failed the roll second turn losing his gray seer early would have been a big blow, but as he didn't the effect had no influence on the game.

    Given the dice rolls needed for large game changing effects to happen, I think too much emphasis is placed on this very low probability events (both good and bad for the Daemon player).