Monday, April 1, 2013

Tale of X Gamers - Heresy Edition: Second Submission

Well they are falling by the wayside.

This time only three six people have made their submission deadline:

Glen Burfield - Raven Guard
Glen has submitted a RG Dread, continuing in his "Flight of the Raven" theme portraying the rout on Istvaan V.

David Grieg - World Eaters

David has submitted a Contemptor Dread for the World Eaters.

Pete Dunn - Death Guard

Deathshroud Terminators for me.....and as per my other blog post, these guys were subjected to the most hostile of enviroments - detergent 2x, primed 3x, painted 3x, varnished 20x, oil washed 3x, Simple Green 2x

James Milner - White Scars

James has finished his first month's Legion Tactical Squad and also a rhino for the unit. And very nice they look.

John Murrie - Word Bearers

Dreads are very popular this month and John has added a Dread to his Word Bearers.

Alistair Allan - Emperor's Children

Heavy Support Squad for Alistair's misguided EC "loyalists"

Hagen Kerr - Ultramarines

Hagen has caught up on his first month's squad with some Ultras.

Hopefully others are just running a little slow and I'll get more submissions.

Next target date is end of May and is a vehicle or an further squad


  1. Hay Pete

    I can send in some pics of my Ultras i have been working on. I just need to take some good pics can do this friday.



  2. Ouch, I feel a burn...anyway pics with you tonight, got distracted by NATCON.

  3. Everyones is looking good, but I will have to just do double duty to catch up, have more important things to get finished for tournaments coming up. at least the next two things are the exact same thing.