Saturday, April 20, 2013

White Dwarf New High Elf Pictures - The Elves Are Back!

Okay Warseer has pictures from next month's White Dwarf. As expected we have the release of 8th Edition High Elves. The pictures are posted below.

Also there is a listing of the breakdown of units by category (though as you'll see it seems to be missing the Maiden Guard - Yes James, they're back):

Core :

Lothern Sea Guard
Silver Helms
Tiranoc Chariot
Shadow Warriors

Special :

Ellyrian Reavers
Chrace Chariot
White Lions
Dragon Princes (Horse)
Great Eagles
Bolt Thrower

Rare :

Dragon Princes (monstruous)
Phoenix Guard
Saphery Chariot

New Saphery Chariot

Another View

Seaguard Special Character
 See More below

High Mage (Cornering the 12 Year Old Girl Market)

New Plastic Shadow Warriors 

Dynamic New Mage

The New Phoenix (Wing Joints Look Like they Need Filling)

New Maiden Guard (or possibly a MG Character?)

Armywide Shot

And the Maiden Guard


  1. May is going to be a very expensive month.

  2. Variety in core - c'mon shadow warriors be good. All brand new rare choices, happy days. Now if Eldar in June is also true my bank account is screwed.

  3. Only one dud in the range.Was looking at doing HE later in the year,but might have to get a few of these before then

  4. I love the flying chariot. It's so... dainty.

  5. The female mage looks like Alarielle

  6. Great post, thanks Pete. I'm so glad I don't play HE. Next month could have been very expensive for me. Still staggering from the DoC and WoC releases! Nice looking models though... and birds of prey that don't look like parrots!
    Bring on the Dark Elves!

  7. Yet there are still the Huge Hand spearmen... yuk. Everything else looks awesome.

    1. Don't take Spearmen? Can't see a need for them anyway with Helms in core.

    2. Or paint the huge hands as gloves/gauntlets. I'm doing this on mine, and they look a lot better for it.

  8. Pleased all you High Elf players are happy.

  9. so pumped for this! My 20 silver helms might well see the field at some point. Have to say the models look awesome - interesting the HE mage looks to be armoured... maybe bringing in the warrior mages that are in the fluff = win awesome.

    1. Looks like it might be a Swordmaster of Hoeth-esque wizzard?

    2. That was my thought too Hagen.

  10. im more reeling that scout/skirmishers have made it into the core section, now Helves can do a form of the skink cloud :O

    1. A much worse form of it. It's the LD on 3d6 and poison that makes skink clouds horrendous.

  11. First 8th army not to have a monstrous Infantry/Cavalry option. Say it isn't so

    1. Talk of Monstrous Dragon Princes of some sort - not sure how true?

    2. Out of all the pictures, not even a scale of a dragon rider. I find it hard to believe we will see an additional plastic kit in this release at this point. I hope I am wrong!
      Rumours abound that the reference is the ability to take dragon princes riding sun dragons as a rare option.
      It could be refreshing, providing HE have options to deal with the MI/MC parade

    3. I feel like we'd have seen them by now if they were happening. Games Workshop isn't in the habit of not releasing models for new units these days, and they'd have to be the poster boys of the High Elf release if there were models.

    4. I agree James, all the new books have had every unit type release or in production bar maybe TK's? If there was a new Dragon Cav unit I'd think we'd have seen them. Maybe not but massively excited about the release regardless.