Monday, April 15, 2013

Tablescapes Kickstarter

Here is a new Kickstarter I supported this weekend.

It is by Secret Weapon Miniatures and is seeking the funding of tooling costs to produce a modular gaming board (similar to GW's Realm of Battle). The tiles are 1' x 1' clipping together to make a battlefield.

Painted Prototype of "Scrapyard" 

This thing took off. It started Saturday and within 28 hours had been funded. The initial set is for Scrapyard tiles - pictured - but the stretch goals will unlock other themes. The second set is Urban Streets and I am very keen to pick up that set for my 30k gaming. 

Further sets to be unlocked are Generic (fields or desert), Ruined Temple and Trench Works. There is also talk of Alien (Tyranid) Landscape and finally Factory/Railyard.

I jumped in on the Earlybird Wargamer level which gives me 32 tiles. The price for this was USD 225 INCLUDING shipping to NZ. From this I can have an 8' x 4' board. Tying down the shipping is key to these Kickstarters and this one is excellent as it has a standard price. For once NZ is not being screwed by the tyranny of distance.

If you compare to the GW product it is about 50% the cost. I love my GW Realm of Battle boards (I have 2.3 of them) and if these are similar I'll be very happy.

Unpainted Protoype showing Back and Front

The Connectors - Looks Simple and Effective System


  1. That looks awesome! I have GW's Realm of Battle board, and have been waiting for Forge World to do a fantasy-based extension (they do lots of 40k ones).

    Will Secret Weapon do the fantasy themed boards?

  2. Yeah I bought into this as well with anticipation that the cityscape or ruined temple would be funded.
    $250us (missed the early bird) is not bad at all for your above reasons. Interesting that this one is already successful and the other recent one from Games and Gears failed to get funded (only reaching 40k pounds out of 80)
    I would have preferred they started with some of the others first. Now all Secret Weapon need to do is make square bases to match! (instead of just round ones)

  3. I've also seen these 'tables' from Battle Systems;

  4. I'm hanging out for the streets for Necoumnda table I'm planning to build. I don't have enough extra to back this but slavetopainting will probably stock it eventually.