Thursday, April 4, 2013


Just a heads up for Tau Empire builders.

It looks like GW have miscalculated the demand for the new Tau and have not manufactured enough.

Their international websites and their big (USA) trade operations are telling mail orderers and gaming shops that there will be a 3-4 week delay in supplying product. Most US game shops are only getting the codex.

Of course the internet conspiracy theorists have gone mad and are suggesting that this is another scheme from GW to force people into their shops. Indeed some are saying there isn't a shortage at all but this is a beatup by GW to scare people away from non-company Hobby Centres.

It does mean that should you be sourcing product from offshore via a US/UK reseller or via eBay then there will be delays. I'm not sure how this impacts those eBay auctions already listing new Tau but I guess there may be "problems".

Unknown if it affects local gaming shops and mail order. However if it does then the local Hobby Centre may be your only source this month.


  1. I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but this would be totally consistent with GW's war against the internet and their recent business decisions to limit volumes through external channels.

    I'm pretty sure if Tom Kirby could, he'd send a terminator back in time to kill Al Gore so the internet wasn't invented.

  2. Local shop received its full order no problems. However they have been advised there is a 2-4 week delay on some models.