Monday, April 8, 2013

Vampire Counts Army Book Review

The Bad Dice Podcast ( has done a very nice review of the Vampire Counts. You can download via iTunes or via their website.

It is a comprehensive runthrough of the book with Chris Legg, a UK ETC player. Nothing earthshattering in the way of new insights but it should reinforce what a lot of people already know about VCs.

Of course I'm sure that some people will now say Chris invented a VC Lord with Quickblood, Red Fury, Talisman of Preservation, Ogre Blade and the Other Trickster Shard because they heard it mentioned on this podcast. Similarly they'll also credit "invention" of Baby Vamp with Sword of Anti-Heroes and Quickblood to this podcast. Unfortunately for that theory sweeties, anyone who can read worked that out within an hour of picking up the book.

It includes a very good discussion of merits of Necromancer Lords vis a vis a Lvl 4 VC caster.

Well worth a listen.


  1. I actually enjoyed this episode. I feel the same way about Podcasters inventing everything. Apparently if it hasn't been said on a podcast, then its never happened/been used before. I tend to come up with some good ideas from reading the relevant army books, then look online and its already been "discovered" by someone on the UK tourney scene, and is now named after their mothers dog or something. Kinda like Johnsons Bell list. I am sure people were running that before he was credited with inventing it. Ask James Brown about his Ogre Tyrant, apparently no one before him ran a the body... ;)

    1. See post above re "Debunking of a Myth"

    2. I invented it....I don't listen to podcasts...

    3. Sam I invented ogres.. ha ha, I just said nobody in NZ had been running one, not that I invented it!

  2. Check out the 'community' response.

    Not sure how all you bloggers stay motivated with Warhammer players as the target audience :)

  3. I didn't like the encouragement to use dogs as Conga Lines surely this is at best frowned upon in NZ