Monday, April 8, 2013

Shout Out to Sarissa Precision

I've reviewed this company before but I just wanted to give another shout out to Sarissa Precision

These guys make great movement trays at the most competitive prices available and with a fast turnaround.

Last weekend I checked out their store and saw that they didn't have a tray for Plague Drones - 50mm x 75mm Skirmish. I contacted them and they were back to me with a product and price within 24 hours.

Postage very reasonable too.

Can honestly say that there is not a better supplier of movement trays on the net.


  1. Yup I love them and the speed of order is amazing.

    Main issue I have, is myself doing the maths wrong and managing to order a 10*2 Cavalry tray instead of 2 5*2 trays! Reaver Horde time I guess

  2. Seems to require paypal, and no CC option? -1 for my financial convenience

    1. So you can. Hrm, A little note then by payment options would go a long way for those not familiar with Paypal. Cheers for that.

    2. Your welcome, we've done a couple of orders with Sarissa precision and they are awesome.

  3. I get mine locally from a guy in Auckland and they are awesome - he cuts them custom for me whatever I need and as good as sarisa. If he could get a good website up he'd make a killing!

  4. Yep Sarissa are fantastic - Dopey Dog in Taupo/Rotorua somewhere is good as well, but Sarissa are first rate.

  5. Dopey Dog is the guy I use, he lives up the road in West Auckland