Monday, June 11, 2018

40K - Maelstrom 2018 Results

Hagen Kerr ran Maelstrom over the weekend attracting 40 players to CAS Hall in Khandallah.

The event was 1750 points over 5 rounds and was won by the current NZ Masters Champion, Dave Hodgetts (Who knew three Riptides was a thing? 😉).

Best Presented:
  1. Glen Burfield
  2. Liam Miskelly
Best Sport:  Simon Smith

Best General: Dave Hodgetts

The results have been uploaded into the FOB NZ Rankings where it qualified as a max. score event (40+ participants).

The next Wellington based event is The Long War: Dropsite on July7.


  1. Is there anywhere we can see the lists? The dropbox link in an earlier article is not working anymore.

    1. It’s working for me.

      But if not for you you can try here: