Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Maelstrom Lists - Putting Them Thru The FOB Lens

Maelstrom is on this week and the lists have been released. You can find them here

There are a few difference between MaElstrom and Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament. Firstly, no Forgeworld and secondly, only two Detachments.

Reviewing the lists I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the worse but got something nearer to this:

I scored them for Theme (how they fit in my view of the 40k world) and in List Selection. If you took a List that spammed the best stuff then you weren't going to do well.

Score was effectively 0-10 and the average was 6.24 out of the 42 lists. This was slightly generous as I was scoring effectively 2-10 because I was in a slightly happy mood just having departed on holiday.

The scores ranged from 3 (some people just can't help themselves 😀) to 10 on the "Pete" scale. The difference between the top score and the bottom score would equate to a "win" at Fields of Blood so there is an incentive to rein in your bloodlust if you want to win other than "Bloodthirster" for Best Gameplay score.

But that's what a hobby event is all about!

  # High Low Average
Astra Militarum 3 5 4 4.33
Chaos Daemons 3 9 6 8.00
Dark Eldar 4 8 5 5.75
Death Guard 4 10 4 6.50
Deathwatch 3 10 6 8.67
Eldar 5 6 4 4.80
Tau 4 10 5 8.00
Tyranids 6 6 4 5.17
Above is the breakdown for those races that had 3 or more lists. It covers 32/40 of the lists. It gives you an "idea" of how things will be scored at FOB....but it is only a guide. In this instance it is one set of eyes and I have only been through the lists twice. Expect a more thorough interrogation at FOB with stronger focus on external and internal balance.

It's not science....but it is magic!

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