Tuesday, February 1, 2022

KOW - Sisters of Sigmar Regiment (Foot Guard in Kingdoms of Men)

 The first Games Workshop figures I bought was the Sisters of Sigmar box released for Mordheim. That must be back in 2000 by my reckoning.

After 20+ years I finally got around to painting them!

Over the past couple of weeks I have built and painted enough Sisters to create a 20 woman regiment. These are truly lovely sculpts and an absolute joy to paint. Obviously they are all metal.

The unit is full of all the various sculpts that came with the Mordheim warband - all the Superiors, Novices, Sisters etc.

I've kept them on the 20mm bases to preserve the value of the figures, given they are bloody hard to get these days. Still have about 10 unpainted figures but most are characters rather than rank and file.

At the moment the intent is to use them as Foot Guard with 2 handed weapons in my growing Kingdom of Men army.

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