Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Final NZ Rankings 2013 Tournament Season

This last weekend saw the final events of the 2013 tournament season which ends on 31 October. In Christchurch we had Conquest which had both Fantasy and 40K while Wellington saw Skitterleap for Fantasy.

The Conquest winner Mal Patel regained his position in the Top 10 while 2nd Placegetter at Skitterleap, Hamish Gordon broke into the Top 10 for the first time.

The final rankings will now be sent to the Masters umpires/organisers to issue invites for the December event.


  1. Just out of interest Pete who is Masters Umpire/organsier for Fantasy this year?

  2. Rob Shirley is organising Masters. Carl Templeton is Umpire. Fields of Blood is providing list of invitees (in order) to organiser for both Fantasy and 40k.

    It has been agreed that format for event will largely follow that of last year's event - 2400 Points, 6 Games, Scenarios, No Painting Points but army must be tabletop standard, Comp is FOB-Lite (which can be accessed on this site).

    So exactly as previously advertised.