Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Hills For Skitterleap

With Skitterleap on this weekend I though I'd use last Saturday and Sunday to make some new hills for the event.

Down in my garage I had a part sheet of 2" Blue High Density Foam that has been sitting there for a few years. Out came the marker pen, the jigsaw and some sandpaper and very quickly I had a selection of 2" thick oval/circular shapes.

I sanded the cut edges and then used Liquid Nails to glue some together making two step 4" hills. From here I mixed up some various grade sand and rocks and using PVA applied the mix to where the two contours joined.

A quick coat of brown paint and two lighter drybrushes and it was time to flock with static grass. Again I used my Grasstech applicator to make the grass stand up. I then picked out the bigger rocks with a variety of grey paints and PVAed some clump foilage and voila! Ten new hills.

Seven two-level, three single-level hills

Terminator model on 40mm base for scale

Hills will block Line of Sight to infantry and similar sized models

1 comment:

  1. Looks good Pete, not as pretty as gently contoured hills, but I think these hit the balance between playability and aesthetics pretty well.