Monday, July 23, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

The Grotesques got finished and their bases polyfilled ready for battle.

I managed to pick up a metal Talos from John which has now been put together and will be painted to match the rest of my Prophets of Flesh. It has been primed and this morning before work got a very dark charcoal base coat.

Over the week I got two games in, the first versus Sean's Necrons and the second versus John's Knights + Guard. In the first game, I was outplayed by Sean but learned a lot about what the Necrons could do. My ignorance of some of their attributes (Wraiths falling back and charging; need to kill all Destroyers or they come back over subsequent turns - rather than just one) didn't help my cause but I'm wiser now. I almost pulled it back with 11" charge by my Talosi but forgot some rules at a vital time (some of Urien's special rules) that would have made it more interesting. Good fun!

Against John, the game was heavily influenced by the roll to go first. I think I had insulated myself quite well from an alpha strike but was set up well if I did win the roll, which I did. Disintegrators are mathematically superior to Dark Lances against all but T7 and the ability to re-roll 1s to hit and wound on all my Kabal stuff within 6" of the Archon really helps. When this is backed up by a trio of Talos their is some nice anti-vehicle firepower. By end of Turn 2 John had one Knight on 7 wounds left plus his Armiger. The final Knight fell at start of T3 where we called it before the Armiger received 4 Blaster shots. In this game I think John underestimated the Dark Eldar's punch and overestimated the Knights resilience. He deployed on the basis he went first but even if he had deployed further back my mobility still creates a threat to his Knights T1. Again I learned a lot in this game and it was fun and relaxed.

During the week I picked up a lot of a Harlequin army off Facebook. I've subsequently purchased 4 Transports, the codex and cards. Looking forward to this as an airbrush project.

Yesterday I cleaned up my hobby area. I've recently bought two sets of drawers which allowed me to seriously declutter the desktop and cupboards.


  1. You were right. I did underestimate your firepower. when I last left the game Talos were a bit rubbish at shooting those are good. I also under estimated your ability to roll 2 standard deviations above average.

    But whomever went second was likely to be starting the game several hundred points down. But that seems to be a feature of 8th edition games.