Friday, April 3, 2009

5th Edition Death Guard

I haven't played a lot of 40k in the past three years. This is a combination of a number of things; firstly, after 5 years of pretty intensive play I thought I needed a change, and secondly, I was (and still am) pretty pissed at the direction that GW has taken the game in relation to variant lists. The Chaos Traitor Legion lists are gone, as are the Eldar Craftworld and Ork Klan lists. I think GW is dumbing the game down and removing some of the true flavour from the 40k universe.

Recently I pulled out my Death Guard army and started painting up some new figures. I purchased some resin from Forgeworld and started painting what is my first love in 40k, Nurgle Marines. Out came the latest Codex:CSM and I put together a list. I hesitate to call it Death Guard but it is the best I had to work with.

So here is the fluff for my new "Death Guard::

“Plague Lord Colthrax was walking along the Eye of Terror one day on his way to Cadia to pick up 20 Rothmans (he being a Lord of Disease and Decay and all). It had been a good day, what with the Global Financial Crisis he had been able to pick up a special on some used Rhinos – Buy Two, Get Two Free!!!

Just past the Plague Planet he happened on two Obliterators sitting in the gutter who appeared down on their luck. “Wipe away those tears my Culty friends! What appears to be the trouble”.

“Well Great Plague Lord, we’ve been in a Black Legion army for about 10,000 year now and they’ve been pretty beastly to us. Just lately they’ve stopped us from smoking in the battlebarge” said the first Oblitertor.

“What?” boomed Colthrax. “I can’t have that. Come and join my merry band and we can ravage, loot and pillage together!”

“We’d love too, wise Plague Lord” said the second Obliterator, “but we have a problem. You’re probably aware that you never see a single unit of Obliterators? We share a flat with some other shape-changers and we can’t leave them in the lurch, can we?”

“They wouldn’t also be a bit despondent about Abaddon’s recent 0-13 record, would they?“ inquired our hero.

“How did you know?” squealed the Obliterators in glee.

“Well then” said Colthrax, “all of you must come down to my base. It’s easy to find. It’s right between the daemon prince wings’ outfitters and the combi-weapon emporium.”

The list is as follows:


Daemon Prince - Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime


2x 7 Plague Marines with 2x Melta and Champ with Combi-Melta and Power Fist in Rhino

1x 7 Plague Marines with 2x Melta and Champ with Combi-Melta and Power Fist in Rhino with Combi-Flamer/Plasma/Melta (not sure which)

1x 7 Plague Marines with 2x Plasma and Champ with Combi-plasma and Power Fist in Rhino

1x 7 Plague Marines with 2x Plasma

Heavy Support

2x 2 Obliterators

1750 points

12 KPs

We'll see how it goes over the year.

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