Wednesday, June 23, 2010

8th Edition Advances

So 8th Edition is almost here. I've ordered my copy from GW UK and I'm hoping that it arrives on or before the 10th of July.

Two months ago I was totally unexcited about the new edition. I guess this was due in part to the fact that I've got to a stage whereby I think I'm competent in 7th Ed and didn't want all the effort that went into that to be for naught. The early oil on the new rules didn't really inspire me either - I was dreading the dumbing-down that I felt 5th Ed 40k had experienced.

However about a month ago my feelings turned 180 degrees. Why? Well I think I realised that the new edition is the opportunity to have some new fun! Things will change. Certainly what worked well in 7th won't necessarily work the same in 8th but that's the nature of progress. Will Warhammer 8th be an evolutionary blind alley? Perhaps...but I don't think so.

The skill set changes from one where spatial awareness was paramount to one where risk management is the new king. There is less certainty in the game - due to variable charges, the removal of US, the magic system etc. But because of this you'll need to plan a bit differently. The good players will be those who can assess risks and make decisions based on that assessment. However they will need to factor in the randomness that has been introduced into the mechanics and have some form of Plan B, mitigation strategy, backup - call it what you will.

I haven't played a game yet but I am looking forward to the journey*

* To quote disgraced All Black coach John Mitchell

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