Monday, December 16, 2019

40k - 12th Annual New Zealand Masters Results

Last weekend I ran the New Zealand Masters for 40k.

This was the 12th time the event has been run and we had a good turnout for the tournament with 15 of the Top 20 ranked players (plus NZ ETC member Aaron Wilson) battling it out on the tables.

For the first three rounds I had eight tables set up. As we moved into Rounds 4 & 5 I introduced two more so that players could avoid playing on the same table.

Also with the random first round draw I ensured that the out of towners avoided playing guys from their own area.

With the terrain, I tried to give a variety of tables that ranged from 'light medium' through to 'heavy' density. This was to reward an army that didn't have a single game plan and could be adaptable.

This also gave me to introduce some of my recent mat purchases (Frontline Gaming through Mighty Ape). I particularly like the Overgrown City which is ideal for my existing GW City terrain.

So onto the results:

 Well done to Sean for winning his third Masters crown. He went through undefeated, winning all five of his games. Effectively, the Top 8 armies were all Space Marines, IK/Ad Mech or Eldar.

Appreciate all the participants making the journey.

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