Sunday, June 7, 2020

40k - The Great Mat Controversy

Yesterday saw the breaking of the first real piece of controversy around the new edition.

This was the changing of table size for a 2000 point game to a minimum 60” x 44” (currently most games are on 72” x 48”).

Cue much gnashing of teeth.

The Current Recommended Mat Size Cut to the New Minimum Mat Size

Both GW and the playtesters (one of which is the biggest US producer of mats and owner of the ITC) have said that 2000 point games have been balanced on the new minimum size. FLG have also indicated that they are shifting production to the new size.

So what does this mean for TOs? Especially those who have invested in 6’ x 4 ‘ mats.  Well I think you have three options:

1. Move to 60” x 44” - either by buying new mats or cutting/marking existing mats
2. Stay at 72” x 48” and accept the game is “balanced” for a smaller playing area
3. Do something else

At the moment I am erring towards the last of these options for events I run. I’ll effectively mark off the 12” from one short edge to give me a 60” x 48”  playing area. Yes, there will be 2” extra depth each side for a Daw of War deployment but I don’t think that will necessarily be unbalancing. It is however a practical and pragmatic solution to the new dynamics. It also doesn’t involve physical altering the mats so they can’t be used as 6’x4’ if GW changes again.

I likely use masking tape to delineate the edge but may use marker pen if that proves problematic.


  1. Surely the much bigger news here is that GW has managed the previously-impossible and perfectly balanced the game, even to the extent where a few inches of table size are that important

  2. out of interest, why not also tape off the last 2 inches on each long end? This has the added benefit of reducing models knocked onto the floor, too often i saw people sitting figures on table edges, only to have a sleeve send them tumbling. That being said people could just not use those two inches, they dont need magic tape to stop them from being dingdongs i guess :)