Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fields of Blood 40k Teams Championship

 Over the weekend I ran the inaugural 40k FOB Teams Champs here in Wellington. Six teams of five in a round robin using the WTC rules.

Everyone was very relaxed and overall seemed to enjoy themselves. It was great to have a team come down from the north. Certain appreciate the drive they had to make.

First Place, with 4 wins and a draw went to the Properly Cocked Team made up of Steve Joll, Aaron Wilson, Louis Thomson-Gregg, Jordan Green and Sean Sullivan. Four of the team were scheduled to take part in this year's WTC in Austria before the Covid intervened. The armies they used were Tau, Imperial Soup, Admech, Aeldari and Death Guard/Chaos Knights.

Second Place went to the team captained by Ryan Stuart (Tyranids/GSC). He was joined by Locky Reid (Sisters), Paul Knieriem (Grey Knights), Scott Paterson (Tau) and Sam Whitt (CSM/Thousand Sons). They won three games and drew one.

Third Place went to the Auckland Raiders (2 wins, 2 draws). A loss in Round 2 to the team finishing 5th ultimately proved costly.

Great to come out of lockdown with such a fun event. Looking forward to doing it again late 2020/early 2021.

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