Tuesday, August 18, 2020

40k - New Tiles for my Citifight Table

 During Lockdown #1 I built myself a Citifight table using the Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" tiles and the new GW terrain.

Over time I have been adding details to it....be they barricades, minefields and crashed vehicles. These will act as scatter terrain cover as combatants move through the city.

I managed to pick up a Goliath truck which I constructed without weapons as a utility vehicle. It has crashed into some adhoc barricades made of doors, rock girders and an old bike (GW barriers from early 2000s). All my street tiles have had lampposts added.

Now waiting for added rocks to dry before I go in with airbrush to blend them in with inks.

The second tile has a Taurox crossing some mines and hitting tank traps. Again I have ink blending to do.

Taurox was completed without weapons. Both vehicles gave me an opportunity to practise my chipping technique. The Taurox is sponge chipping while the Goliath was salt-chipped.

Next stage is to seal rock material and blend it in.

I also have 3 GSC Neophytes to hide on the board in the corners of buildings 😁


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'll put up a picture later today once they have been finished

  2. I wish I hadn't cut mine up now :( These are brilliant. Interesting how you made the road wet and therefore kept the tires clean. Not seen that before.

    1. Entirely unintentional re that context. I just run some resin into the craters.