Monday, August 24, 2020

Hobby - Hobbyzone Painting Desk Organisers

About the only good thing about our current lockdown is being at home when a parcel turns up......especially a 12kg parcel from Poland.


Last Monday I had the day off and ended up watching an old Hobby Cheating by Vince Venturella about how his hobby workshop was organised. This led me down a YouTube rabbit hole where I ended up checking out reviews for Hobbyzone modular organisers.

My table setup has a shelf running the 2.7m length and the space under it is dead space. I was aware of the Hobbyzone product but last Monday was the first time I'd really checked them out. A few hundred dollars later and i managed to solve that problem.

The individual units come packaged in boxes (including instructions and magnets). 

Massive variety of units that come in 20cm and 30cm widths. They also have corner units and end units. I have chosen eight units including drawer units, paint pot holder for old GW paints, brush holder, paper towel unit etc.

This evening I have put half together sans magnets with four more tomorrow.

I'll flick up some pictures when finished.

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