Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hobby - Hobbyzone Workzone Organisers (First Thoughts)

 So the Hobbyzone ( package arrived from Poland on Monday and I spent the last two evenings putting together the various organiser modules.

The units come in two standard sizes: OM which are 30cm wide and OMs which are 20cm. This was good for me as I had a space of 85cm which meant I could go with a setup 2+1, leaving 5cms for cords and access. The height is 15cm.

All the pieces are well packaged in their own individual boxes. They come flat-packed, wrapped in bubble wrap ensuring no damage en route. Unlike a lot of mdf material, the walls of these units are very sturdy. Hobbyzone have used 8mm board which means that the finished structures are square and unlikely to bend/buckle. It also means that they will better sustain the rigours of hobby workshop life.

The shelf/drawer fascias and dividers (yes all the drawers have customisable dividers) are made from a laminate. This allows them to be wiped clean easily.

Construction was extraordinarily easy. They come with clear step by step instructions. All you need is PVA glue, a cloth, a craft knife and a smaller hammer. The knife is required to remove the small nubs left when the individual pieces are broken out. The hammer is to tap in magnets that come with the kits to allow you to join the modules together.

Overall I am very happy with the product. It is at the high end of mdf organisers, being extremely well made and well thought out. The number of different unit types means you can customise to your heart content e.g. I had existing paint racks so could concentrate on drawers and utility units (paper towel dispenser).

The other key takeaway was the level of service from Hobbyzone. Fast communication, fast dispatch and overall a fantastic customer service experience despite 12 hours time and 18,000 kilometres distance.

Highly recommend.

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