Monday, August 24, 2020

40k - New 40k Terrain - Command Edition Battlefield Expansion

 Last week I picked up a set of the Command Edition Battlefield Expansion Terrain.

Looking to use it to make up another Citifight tile when my additional Tablescape tiles arrive.

There are two ways to get this set. You can buy the CE Terrain kit which comes with a 22" x 30" cardboard board. This costs NZD 180 RRP (USD 90). Alternatively you can buy the Command Edition Starter Set (NZD 260/USD 165). With the starter set you get Core Rulebook, Necrons and Marines (Intercessors & Outriders). Breaking up the box provides very good value. I got the terrain for half the cost of the Terrain Box (no board obviously).

A lot of people are doing that. NZ locals should go to the 40k Trading NZ Facebook page. Overseas, I'm sure it's happening too.

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