Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hobby - My Updated Hobby Space

 Over the past few weeks I've added some paint racks and the Hobbyzone modules to my hobby space. Coupled with a clean up of my storage trays, reorganisation of materials etc it has made it far tidier.

About three years ago I managed to pick up three glass computer desks on TradeMe. They were a fraction of their new price but were ideal to create one long hobby desk. It is 2.7 metres long by about 90cm wide.

Over time it has developed into three work areas - modelling, painting and airbrushing. I have three lighting sources, the 2 white LEDs plus my painting light. The booth comes with its own LEDs.

I have one chair which I can move between the areas. The recent purchase of the Hobbyzone modules has allowed me to make the most of the space bunder the glass top shelves. On either end I have storage units that fix under the desks. These came from a local stationary shop.

My airbrush station is on the right. It has a booth with compressor underneath next to the storage. I'll move my spare airbrush parts and peripherals into the Hobbyzone drawers. There is a storage box on the shelf under the booth with my Badger airbrush paint set in it.

In the centre is my painting area. I have both a wet palette and a dry one that I alternate depending on what I'm doing.Paints are in the racks on the top shelf. Importantly there is space for my Citadel water pot.

On the right is my hobby area. I have a large cutting mat, a dremel and a vice. the glass shelf has my tools and glues. In the bottom right you can see my ancient paint shaker.

Really happy with the use of space. Think I have squeezed as much storage and working area into the area that I can. Also because it is in the Family Room, the extra storage has meant far easier to keep tidy.

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