Monday, August 31, 2020

40k - Harlequins: Secondary Objective Choices (Tournament Test)

 Generally, I like to keep things simple so I can keep my eye on the prize.

At The Long War IV on the weekend my Secondary Objective choices were generally consistent across the three rounds.

I went in with the view that in every game I would take the following three choices:
  • Linebreaker - 4 points for two units entirely within enemy Deployment Zone (Progressive)
  • Bring Them Down - 2/3 points for each Vehicle/Monster destroyed (End Game)
  • While We Stand, We Fight - 5 points for each of three most expensive models alive at end of game (End Game)
So how did they work out?

Linebreaker - This works really well as I generally want to be on my opponent's side of the board. Generally scoring it from Turn 2, however there is the opportunity for it on Turn 1 on some of the Deployment maps. I scored maximum points in all three games. One thing to be aware of is the width of the various deployment zones. In Scorched Earth, you only have a 10" wide zone rather than the more normal 12". The alternative is to go for "Engage on All Fronts" but this requires you to score it every turn to max out. 

Bring Them Down - Chose it in Games 1 & 3. In the first my opponent had a Repulsor, an Impulsor and a Redemptor meaning my max score was 9 which I achieved. In the third he had two Defilers, two Rhinos and two Daemon Princes with Wings. I destroyed the vehicles but couldn't get through 20 Rubrics to get to the DPs. That gave me 10 points. Generally I think this secondary is one where you must be pragmatic. If you can get 9+ points then I think for a Soaring Spite list it is worth taking. If available points are less then I wouldn't take it unless alternative choices were pretty poor.

The second game I didn't take Bring Them Down as I was playing Imperial Knights (3 big one, two small). I took Titanhunter and maxed it out. Basically a free hit as the Secondary complemented what I had to do to win.

While We Stand, We Fight - for my army the three models are the two Shadowseers and the Solitaire. In each game I lost one of them giving me 10/15. In two games I lost the Solitaire (surprise, surprise) and against the Knights I lost a Shadowseer from poor positioning and forgetting new targeting rules. I can see this one varying between 5-15 points per game.

So with the aim of trying to score 30+ points for Secondary Objectives each game, I went 34, 40 and 35. I think the choices are a good starting point for my army but know I'll need to develop 1-2 more backstop choices that I know I can get 10 points each from.

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  1. Seems like you're onto it.
    I think Engage on all fronts is somewhat overrated. I'd definitely be taking Linebreaker with your army, and possibly Domination as the alternate pick where you're playing on deployment missions like Scouring or Sweep and Clear.

    While We stand is a really good secondary, but it does ruin the 'throwaway' Solitaire. Still, 10 points from Shadowseer is a good return. It seems far harder to score 4 turns of Grind them Down to top that.

    Bring it down makes big sense, but it depends on how many points opponent has on offer. Titan killer and Assassination are alternatives for those 7-8 character lists you find in some Sororitas or Chaos armies.

    Always consider the mission secondary as some will give more than 10 points for your army easily. Battle Lines, Surround and Destroy, the Scouring, Priority Target etc.