Monday, October 5, 2020

Fantasy - Kings of War 3rd Edition Bundle

 On the weekend I called into the Warlords for 10 mins while picking up an espresso (please be fixed soon, dear machine) and watched some members playing SAGA Fantasy.

It reminded me how much I really miss my beloved Rats and so, when I got home, I went online to Mighty Ape and bought myself the Kings of War 3rd Ed rules, Uncharted empires army lists and the spell and artefact cards.

Pretty good value for $130....Rulebook is 400 pages while the additional book of Army Lists is 112 pages. All three of my KoW armies are in Uncharted Empires - Ratkin, The Herd and The Varangar.

When I stopped playing 2-3 years ago, the local scene was too small to support an active tournament scene. However my approach this time will be to get in occasional games to scratch my Fantasy itch. From what I understand there are still 6-12 locals with armies.


  1. is a good site for all things KOW. Still a great game in under 2 hours. Catch up for a game sometime.

  2. Welcome back! KOW continues to be the best game I play, thoroughly missing the events that were cancelled this year :'(

    Enjoy and good luck with the rats!

  3. I’d love to get your thoughts on the changes to the herd. I’ve really struggled to get into this edition as it feels the flavour of that list has gone (and I apppreciate why they did it but that didn’t help).

  4. After a year and a bit of Blood Bowl, keen to get more than 11 miniatures out on the table.

  5. You could come and join us playing Saga Pete.