Friday, October 30, 2020

40K - Nurgle Daemons

 I have a large Nurgle Daemon army that was originally built for WHFB. When GW blew up the Old World I ported it over to 40k.

Recently I got it out again and was keen to get it on the table. However to do this I found I needed to paint 13 Plaguebearers and, more importantly, rebase the full two units on 32mm bases. My army uses the old metal Plaguebearers (slotabase) so this involved cutting, drilling and pinning.

Here are all sixty in their glory. I need to give them a spray of satin varnish before I texture their bases.

The final thing to do is add 5 more bases of Nurglings to give me a neat dozen. Again these are the old metal figures. Pulling them out of my bitz box I found I had enough to do 24 40mm bases.....but where's the fun in that.

Hopefully over the next week I can finish the army up ready to get it out on the table.

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