Tuesday, November 3, 2020

40K Hobby - Nurgle Daemons Progress

 Over the weekend I continued progress on my Nurgle Daemons with a view to having them finished by the end of this weekend.

The two remaining jobs are the bases for the Plaguebearers and adding five further bases of Nurglings.

The bases of the Plaguebearers have been smeared with Vallejo Earth Texture and then had rocks and gravel added before being sealed by PVA. From here I need to paint the bases and rocks before adding Agrellian Earth texture and then grass tufts.

The metal nurglings were primed, basecoloured then drybrushed on a painting stick. They have then been fixed to their 40mm bases for painting.

Once they are painted and inked, I'll go through the same basing process.

I have ordered rare earth magnets (6mm x 3mm) and I'll fix these inside the bases to help storage and transport.

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